These are links, phone numbers and contact
names of friends and colleagues that I thought
you might like to know!  Don't we all want to
do business with folks who are referrals or
friends of friends!?!

Computer Help~Kai Bowden~The Computermeister

Branding/Advertising/Web design ~ Marc Posch

Hair ~

Graphic Design, Marketing, Custom Publisher
Cathy Teal ~ FIREBRAND DESIGN 323-252-8031

Proofreader/Public Relations/Writer FLO SELFMAN
Words a la Mode

Dog Food Etc in Palm Springs and Palm Desert

Jewelry Appraisals ~

Photographer ~  Matt Photo Studio

Real Estate ~ Betty McNees
Keller Williams Realty
    Janet L. Spiegel
    Public Relations, Sales, Custom Publishing, Marketing Consultation
Just showing off my Bubalahs.
First there was Chrissy,
Then came Chaya and
Now I have Tessa
These stunning souls effect our
lives - with such love & joy. . .
I am forever grateful for them.
    Janet Spiegel mirrors the client and shows the B I G picture to
    media and other related groups and individuals.  
    Spiegel knows it's important to network with community groups
    like Chambers of Commerce, civic organizations, charities and
    business groups.  
    Spiegel has been doing this since 1993 for big name Hollywood-
    types and industry insiders.  
    She has a killer database and Rolodex (still!)
    . . . . . . . and knows how to use it to your benefit!

What We Can Do For You

Custom Publishing
    We can create a magazine for your special event, or to promote a specific
    product or service.  Publishing has always been a profit center and Spiegel
    knows how to derive benefit for you, guaranteed!  Check out
    "PalmSpringsWomenInFilm&TV Broken Glass Awards" and "California On
    Location Awards ~ COLA"
Media Relations     
    We LOVE reporters, writers, journalists and editors and respect their
    talent, ability and considerable power. We tell a client's story succinctly,
    yet with bravado.

Public Relations
    Relationships with communities, local and regional governments, societal
    and civic organizations, and like-minded individuals worldwide need to be
    approached.  Spiegel knows how.

    We enjoy looking at the B I G   P I C T U R E.  
    Who needs what you have?  Let's get it there!  
    Spiegel ALWAYS has the LARGER VISION in mind!  

    A program and package of your offerings are customized to present to
    buyers.  Commissions start at 20% over fee.
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